The Australian Ceramics Podcast

In Conversation with Jane Sawyer and Janet DeBoos

July 19, 2019

This conversation was recorded at the Australian Ceramics Triennale on 2 May 2019 at Princes Wharf One, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Lou McCallum was joined by Jane Sawyer and Janet DeBoos after their presentation, The Future Distributed Studio.

In 2006, ceramic artist and educator Janet DeBoos presented a paper at the Brisbane Ceramics Triennale entitled "The Distributed Studio" where she predicted a few changes that have since come to pass: the reduction in funding for courses offering ceramics at tertiary institutions, the need for other forms of training to fill the gaps and the necessary connected state of these future entities to work together. There were some amusing references to rhizomes and dogs amongst other things but the paper’s prophesies have mostly come true.

Join Jane Sawyer and her guest Janet DeBoos for a lively discussion exploring the current and future opportunities available for ceramics skills training. Using Janet DeBoos’ "The Distributed Studio" as a foundation document for the discussion we invite Janet back with her crystal ball to discuss the question, what next?

Jane Sawyer established Slow Clay Centre in Melbourne in 2012 with no desire to fill any gaps. She was simply just responding to demand for her specialist teaching of advanced wheel techniques, influenced by her own training in Japan. However, in the intervening years the pressure to provide education that is wider and more encompassing and more connected to community has been a guiding force and she is interested to explore Janet DeBoos’ ideas for the future. Join us and help brainstorm our future!

Photo: Janet DeBoos

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